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Improvement societies were prevalent in Cape Cod villages during the turn of the century; there was no town public works department. Volunteers swept the streets, planted trees and decorated Veteran's graves.

The Village Improvement Society of Dennis was chartered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on October 10, 1902. The charter states: the object of the Society is to improve and ornament the streets and public grounds of the Village of Dennis by planting and cultivating trees and performing such other acts as shall tend to beautify the village.

The Society was involved in designing several buildings in the village, installing park benches and fences, and in the early days, was instrumental in adding a dock at the town landing on Scargo Lake.


The Society hosts varied events during the year including summer concerts on the green, weddings, fairs, blessing of the animals and apple fests. The Society is committed to maintaining a quality of life in the village, and has supported issues that seek to improve its character. Members routinely attend meetings and hearings, to become knowledgeable of town affairs so that they may be evaluated and acted upon when necessary. The Society championed the creation of a park where the Cumberland Farms gas station was located across from the Dennis Public Market on Route 6A. The pocket park is known as Nobscussett Park, named for the Nobscussett Indians who inhabited the area.

Current officers:
Carole W. Bell, President

Bill Creighton, Vice President
Kate Byron, Vice President

Kathy Tomasetti, Secretary
Judy November, Treasurer


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